Charlotte York’s 2021 Style Gets This One Detail Wrong

Julia Marzovilla
Charlotte York’s 2021 Style Gets This One Detail Wrong
Photo: The MEGA Agency; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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In the Sex and The City fandom, fashion obviously reigns supreme. I’m sure there are many an editor who would be on an entirely different career path were it not for the show, so the frenzy surrounding every new outfit is understandable. That’s why fans of the new S.A.T.C reboot And Just Like That… are notably divided over Charlotte York’s new outfit—and her brand-new dog.

Yes, you heard me—York’s adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from the original series, Elizabeth Taylor, has been seemingly replaced in the new show. New photos just emerged from the set and while I love York’s modern style, I’m sorry to say that it looks like Taylor has been ousted in the new show. While there has been no official word about whether or not the pup will make an appearance in the new show, it looks like Charlotte York has a new favorite pup: A very cute french bulldog that has the exact same coloring as York’s original cocker spaniel.

The new photos are just the latest (albeit tiny) sneak preview that we have into what exactly will be going down on And Just Like That…, which doesn’t even have an official premiere date yet. However, fans will be able to stream the series at home on HBO Max as soon as it debuts—whenever that may be.

STYLECASTER | Charlotte York Outits

The MEGA Agency.

Aside from the dog fiasco, Ms. York Goldenblatt—whose real name is Kristin Davis—was photographed on set in New York City wearing an adorable outfit that is newsworthy in its own right! Davis donned a dotted blue midi skirt, a white billowing blouse, a pair of sunny yellow stilettos (and belt!), as well as a mini printed blue top-handle bag by RIANNA + NINA. Of course, a coordinating Burberry doggy bag completed the look. Remind me to buy one for myself so I can channel these immaculate vibes while taking my dog on a walk!

Cute outfit aside, fans of the original series are well and truly dismayed over the portrayal of Charlotte York as a bulldog mom in the new reboot. Writer and podcaster Evan Ross Katz posted the new photos of Charlotte to his Instagram page with the caption: “The Burberry poopy bag is v Charlotte York, yes. But first no Samantha and now Elizabeth Taylor is out too?! I love a bulldog, but not for Char. She’s a Cavalier King Charles spaniel girl at her core, no?!”

This new dog swap information is just the latest in a string of updates about the show. We now know that Mr. Big himself will be making an appearance after all, as will Carrie’s ex-fiance Aiden Shaw, Miranda’s husband Steve Brady and Charlotte’s husband Harry Goldenblatt. There also is (apparently) going to be some sort of explanation about why Kim Cattrall’s cult-favorite character Samantha Jones is not featured in the reboot, but the fictional reason is still unclear.

In the meantime, I’ll be sat here wondering if the rest of the looks on the new reboot will be as good as this one is—and if there are any more changes coming down the pipeline. If you need I will be endlessly updating Twitter from my apartment.

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