If you ever wanted to see a preview to what an R-rated, all-model-cast of "Twilight" would look like, then watch this James Franco directed fashion short for 7 For All Mankind.

James Franco + Charlotte Free Go Crazy ‘Twilight’ On Us

Susie G

Charlotte Free

Is James Franco a Twilight fan? ‘Cause his latest fashion short for denim label 7 For All Mankind is almost like a piece of fan fiction, if you replace the PG-13 storyline with hedonistic-like-whoa action scenes, half-naked booty bouncing ladies, tons and tons of blood and a frisky Charlotte Free.

“Vampires” is the seventh episode for Franco’s Episodes of an Untitled Film video series, shot exclusively for the Californian-based denim experts. The one-minute-and-15-second short features a sexy-fun-time cast of models, most notably everyone’s favorite pink, dip-dyed model Charlotte Free (who, if you haven’t heard, is the new face of Maybelline).

Glimpses of an underwear party, a bloodbath semi-orgy, a screaming contest and a dance freakout are all caught on lens throughout the film that’s all-in-all totally weird, random, sexy, scary and hilarious.

Check out the new fashion film for yourself down below and give us your two-cents on the latest cinematic feature from James Franco by leaving a comment underneath!


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