Bosom Buddies: Charlize & K-Stew’s Lovefest Just Doesn’t Get Old

Spencer Cain

By now you’ve surely seen the intense (and awesome) preview for Snow White and the Huntsman which will be released this Friday. The film stars two of Hollywood’s biggest actresses: Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. Charlize plays the evil Queen Ravenna, and K-Stew holds court as her young rival. Offscreen, however, their relationship could not be further from that. The reserved (and often seemingly surly) actresses have struck up a friendship on their whirlwind press tour — and I’m loving it.

It’s common knowledge that Kristen doesn’t get excited about anything except for dirty t-shirts and taking off her high heels, so to see her act so honored to be in the presence of another human being is absolutely astonishing. They have both talked about each other positively in the press, and when it comes time for a photo call on the red carpet, they flock together like a pair of star-crossed lovers. Sigh.

Just yesterday, their Interview cover came out — and it’s a doozy. They both indulge their gothic, lace fantasies and gush further about their sweet, sweet love. This dynamic duo shows no signs of slowing down and I really hope there are pictures of them together for years to come. In honor of these newfound sister wives, click through the gallery above for some of their best moments thus far.

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