Charles, Prince of Wales, Works to Save the Rainforest, Hopes You’ll Help


Prince Charles has a new public service message he is sharing with the world, and he hopes you’re listening: “trees are worth more alive than dead.”

With global climate change at the forefront of his mission, Prince Charles is raising awareness of the damaging effects of deforestation, encouraging rainforest nations to stop burning down vast areas of valuable trees, and hoping to persuade everyone that “trees are worth more alive than dead.”

Just think: The world’s rainforests currently absorb almost a fifth of all man-made CO2, yet they are nevertheless being destroyed at an alarming rate – approximately an area the size of a soccer field is destroyed every four seconds! Not only is this shocking in its own right, since it clearly removes our CO2 vacuums, but also, when rainforests are burnt they release all the CO2 that they have already stored back into the atmosphere.

Lots of celebrities have joined Prince Charles in his mission. Will you?

See for more information on how you can get involved.

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