Millennial Renaissance Man Channing Tatum Moonlighted As a Harvard Student This Week

Rachel Krause


Channing Tatum seems to have made it his personal mission to prove to America that he’s not just a pretty face (and fantastic dancer). Like, OK, Channing, we get it, you’re a great dad and possibly even better husband. You’re funny, you’re nice to everyone, you even look great in clothes.

According to the Harvard Business School Facebook page, Channing is also now officially a student at the prestigious grad institute. The actor, alongside NBA players Pau Gasol and Chris Paul and LL Cool J, attended a four-day Business of Media, Entertainment, and Sports program this week, which the school describes as a course for “mid- and senior-level executives who work or aspire to work for studios, networks, publishers, music companies, performing arts companies, sports leagues and teams, and other creative enterprises.”

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Students evaluate case studies to learn from the unique perspectives of industry pros, so that’s where Channing—who chose to go by “Chan” for the duration of the class—comes in. He provided the class its first-ever “live case,” where participants “shared ideas to help [Channing] innovate in the film industry.” Naturally, he also led a discussion on how dance movies have impacted Hollywood at large, because it wouldn’t be a grad-school program if Channing Tatum weren’t there to talk about dancing.

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