Chanel Fashion Show Tattoos to Hit Stores! Our Favorite Runway Tattoos of Spring


Anything Chanel seems to garner the sort of attention that results in immediate obsession and desire. The latest is a collection of transfer tattoos that first appeared on their spring/summer 2010 runway. For all of us who want a tattoo, but can’t stomach the needles or the permanence, Chanel has graciously provided us with a chic alternative. The tattoos contain floral designs, dangling chains, and the signature Chanel logo, just in case you forgot exactly who you were wearing. The transfer tattoo is likely to bring out your fashionista rocker side, so if you feel the need to head bang or walk with some attitude, carry on; you are, after all, wearing a Chanel tattoo. The tattoos will be sold at Selfridges starting on March 1, so if you were debating getting a real tattoo, save it. This one might be better.

Chanel not really your style? Here are some of our other favorite tattoos that were showcased on the Spring/Summer 2010 runway.

1. Rodarte
went tribal for their spring/summer 2010 runway, as models had their exposed body parts painted over in bold tribal-like tattoos. Enticing and alternative, it makes you look at tribal wear in a whole new way.

2. Jean Paul Gaultier
Jean Paul Gaultier brought a surprising gangster air to his spring/summer 2010 runway. Models wore tattoos everywhere from their chests to their faces. The tattoos gave the petite models a tough look as if given the opportunity, they would beat any annoyances to a pulp.

3. Marchesa
For those who don’t have the patience for temporary tattoos, Marchesa has just the thing. As part of their spring/summer 2010 collection, Marchesa brings tattoo hosiery to the masses. All the look of a real or temporary tattoo, minus the mess.