Chanel To Show Next Collection In Scotland

Liz Doupnik

chanel rs13 3404a Chanel To Show Next Collection In Scotland

Yesterday, news broke that Chanel acquired Scottish cashmere company, Barrie Knitwear, maintaining 176 jobs (talk about good fashion karma). It appears that the illustrious French fashion house isn’t stopping there: According to Vogue UK , Chanel will bring its Metiers d’Art show to a secret location near Edinburgh, Scotland on December 4. These incredibly conceptual pre-fall shows are known for their sweeping opulence and clear themes, often providing inspiration for other designers’ creations for the upcoming season.

Chanel mastermind Karl Lagerfeld will have plenty to work with if he’s using the dramatic, slightly gothic backdrop of Edinburgh as inspiration (and, probably, plenty of cashmere, too). We can’t wait to see what the designer has in store for the highly-anticipated collection.

Photo courtesy of ImaxTree.