Chanel, Nick Knight and Andy Warhol Get In Bed

Kerry Pieri

SHOWstudio has a new exhibit in which works by Nick Knight, Andy Warhol, Chanel, Viktor & Rolf and Maiko Takeda, explore artist’s and fashion designer’s takes on sleep.

“The bedisan interesting notion because it can be seen in so many ways, it can be very sexualised or a place of rest or a place of great comfort. We don’t know much about what happens when we sleep, except that we just shut down, ” explains Carrie Scott, director ofSHOWstudio Shop.

111319 1296053725 Chanel, Nick Knight and Andy Warhol Get In Bed

Along with a short film of Andy Warhol’s lover sleeping, there is an image of legendary photographer Corinne Day, shot by he partner Mark Szaszy and photos from a 2001 shoot by Nick Knight of models sleeping. The fashion lensman explained the process to The Indepent in 2001, “We were given four different rooms at the Metropolitan hotel and put a webcam into each room. The girls were made up ? we dressed and styled them just as you would do for a conventional fashion shoot, and then we just laid them down on the bed and said: “Now sleep”. I thought they might get up and read a book or watch TV, but they were all very professional about it and they just went to sleep. The one girl that left at 5am got up, got dressed and then wrote in lipstick on the white sheets: “Off to Paris”. I thought that was quite nice.”

I doubt Karl even ever sleeps so I’d be quite interested to see how he interprets the phenomenon. To Bed is on display from January 26 – March 12 at 11 Bruton Place, London, W1J 6LT.

Photos: Nick Knight, Mark Szaszy