Chanel Installation Lands at Bergdorf Goodman


No fun fashion parties on the agenda for this weekend? That’s alright because starting today, Bergdorf Goodman is hosting an exhibition that will fill your fashion fix mid-day, and the theme is good enough to occupy us for hours. The exhibition, officially called “Secrets of the Chanel Jacket” intrigued us immediately (are you surprised?) and we can’t wait to head up to the second floor to view the installation!

For this weekend only and through this Monday, October 19, the 2nd floor of Bergdorfs will be home to a collection of classic Chanel pieces from the original 1957 two-toned beige and black slingback heel on display, to a selection of iconic Chanel jackets, handbags, and accessories. So basically, we’re expecting to see a lot of tweed, chain-link 2.55 quilted handbags, and a plethora of overlapping C’s, which always make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The exhibition is a retrospective, following the evolution of the Chanel fashion house from the days of the jersey dress to its current state under Karl Lagerfeld‘s creative direction. And it couldn’t come at a better time, as Coco Before Chanel, starring Audrey Tatou is currently making waves in theaters. We haven’t made a trip out to the movies for that just yet, but maybe we’ll make a Chanel day of it and hit up both in one fell swoop. You should too!

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