Chanel Boutique Raided! British Bandits Have Expensive Tastes

Kerry Pieri

Photo via Tasbo magazine

Fashion bandits made out with some seriously chic booty after a Chanel store in West London was raided just after midnight this morning, reported London’s Evening Standard.

The thieves on mopeds were armed with heavy tools that they used to smash down the boutique’s glass door in order to gain entry. The robbers made off with thousands of dollars worth of luxe handbags. (We should feel bad, but some lucky girl is going to be carrying those quilted bags for cheap!)

This incident is one of many in London’s recent past, where criminals apparently have their eye less on electronics and more on brands fit for Mary-Kate and Ashley’s closet. Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and Dolce & Gabana have shared similar fates as the Chanel shop in recent months. London cops are currently on today’s case.