Fashion 911! 30 Chanel Purses Stolen From Houston Boutique

Spencer Cain
The poor bags, lying on the floor

The poor bags, lying on the floor

For as long as we can remember, it seemed like burglars primarily targeted convenience stores or banks—or at least that’s how robberies have been depicted in the media. But these days, thieves are far more educated in what goods are worth a lot (and of course what people are always trying to buy). Naturally, at the top of the list is Chanel bags, especially given how much the brand’s prices have risen over the past few decades.
According to ABC, just last night, a group of five men descended upon the lavish Houston outpost of Chanel, located in The Galleria mall, and used a “heavy tool” to break down the door. We’re unclear as to what the heavy tool was, but our fantasy is that they used a Céline Trapeze bag (which are actually ridiculously heavy—trust us) that they pilfered from another shop.
Anyway, once they got inside, they snagged 30 of the brand’s iconic handbags, and didn’t even go for the cash register. They crammed the glorious purses into garbage bags (blasphemy!) and then hit the road. Alas, two men didn’t make it, as they were detained by mall security and then police.
While some remain missing, many of the bags were recovered—which means that members of Houston’s elite social circles like legendary couture queen Lynn Wyatt won’t have to suffer if they want to go on a shopping spree today.
If this proves anything, it’s that people will go to great lengths for a Chanel Le Boy bag!
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