The Chanel Bagel Bag Everyone’s Talking About Isn’t Actually Chanel

chanel bagel bag chloe wise

Chloe Wise

Earlier this week, a flurry of fashion sites extolled the kitschy genius of a previously unseen Chanel bag shaped like a bagel and cream cheese. While some assumed it was a holdover from the brand’s supermarket-themed fashion show last season, others (like this writer) didn’t care about its origins and just wanted to own it. Immediately. At any cost. Alas, we all clearly caught in the throes of a white flour hallucination, because it turns out the bagel bag isn’t Chanel at all.

According to Glamour, the bag is the creation of Canadian artist Chloe Wise, whose work is notably tongue-in-cheek. Wise loaned the bag to hipster actress India Menuez, who wore it to a Chanel No. 5 event in New York earlier this week.

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Apparently, Menuez had modeled the bag for Wise in a fake advertisement that accompanied the sculpture when it was shown in a gallery. “When India told me she was going to the Chanel dinner and asked if she could borrow the bag, I thought it would be a hilarious way to contextualize the art within the fashion audience and I said yes immediately,” the artist told Glamour.

While Chanel hasn’t reached out to Wise yet, she says she’s finding all the attention the bag’s getting pretty hilarious. “As a dysfunctional art object, it’s interesting to see reviews where people are raving that ‘the bagel is going to be the hottest new trend this spring’—I’m just LOL-ling.”

Head over to Glamour now to read more of the awesome interview with Wise!

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Carb couture? Another of Wise’s creations.


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