7 Days of Gift Wrapping Ideas: DIY Chalkboard Art Paper

The holidays are fast approaching and here at StyleCaster, we’ve got one thing on our minds: gifts, gifts, and more gifts!  Whether you’re buying for your mom, your significant other, or even the mailman, you want to make sure to present your present in style.  But after all the thought you put into finding the perfect gift, who has the time for thinking about a beautiful, creative way to wrap it?  That’s where we come in.  We got our craft on and are thrilled to bring you seven days of DIY gift wrapping ideas! 


Day 1: DIY Chalkboard Art Paper

Our Day 1 idea is inspired by our elementary school days of blackboards and colored chalks.  This incredibly simple gift decorating idea takes just three steps, meaning basically anyone can master it. First, gather your gift wrapping essentials.

Supply List:

1. Scissors
2. Scotch tape
3. Black craft paper
4. Colored chalk


When you have all you need, wrap your present in the black craft paper. Next, channel your inner child and decorate the gift however you would like with the chalks. And that’s it!  Decorate in festive bows, snowflakes, or go for something more neutral like stripes or pretty graphic shapes. You can use several colors or classic white—the only limit is your imagination.


To make sure the chalk doesn’t rub off, spray the gift with hairspray to seal it in.  Not a fan of getting your fingers dirty? Use a chalk marker, that is just as fun but leaves zero mess!


Be sure to check back every day this week for a new gift decorating idea!