Watch This Singer Do 29 Incredible Celebrity Impressions in New Viral Video

Fact: Some people are just straight-up talented. Another fact: Some people are talented and awesome, like the guy who created a video of himself singing an original song in style of 29 very different celebrities, artists, and characters including Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Ray Romano, Ian McKellan, Britney Spears, Steve Buscemi, even Golum from “Lord of the Rings”  in just under four minutes.

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Not only does the singer—who’s named Rob Cantor—nail every person artist he impersonates, but he’s also super-aware of his own facial expressions and movements, making the whole song-and-dance all the more believable. So far, he only has four YouTube videos, but it appears he has an album out called “Not a Trampoline.”

Watch the video below, and let us know which impressions are your favorite!