Celebrities Who Worried Their Mental Illnesses Would Ruin Their Careers

STYLECASTER | Celebrities Who Worried Their Mental Illnesses Would Ruin Their Career
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Amanda Seyfried, Lili Reinhart, Zayn Malik and other stars have been open about their struggles with anxiety, OCD, depression and other mental illnesses for years. But they weren’t always so comfortable talking about their mental health. Despite progress that’s been made, mental illness is still stigmatized—something these stars know well, which is why they considered keeping their mental illnesses a secret in fear that it would ruin their careers.

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But these celebrities aren’t remaining silent any longer. Ahead, we’ve collected a handful of stars who worried their mental illnesses would affect their careers negatively. Whether it’s about their worry that their anxiety would hinder their auditions or their fear that their bipolar disorder would taint their image, these stars have been honest about the stigma associated with mental health. But now, they’re using their voices to speak out against it and urge others to participate in the conversation too.