Celebrity Valentine’s Day Outfits to Look at While You Eat That Discounted Chocolate

Maggie Griswold
Celebrity Valentine’s Day Outfits to Look at While You Eat That Discounted Chocolate
Photo: FilmMagic/FilmMagic for Bonnaroo Arts And Music Festival.

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February 15, AKA the day after Valentine’s Day, is, in many ways, a much better day than actual Valentine’s Day. First of all, the societal V-Day expectations are (pretty much) over. Plus, all that heart-shaped candy is suddenly fifty percent off. And I found a way to make February 15 even better while you eat that discounted chocolate this year: gawk at all the incredible celebrity 2019 Valentine’s Day outfits that popped up on Instagram. Enjoying cheap candy and iconic fashion moments at the same time (while alone in bed with no one telling you to find a date)? Count. Me. In.

Each outfit is definitely V-Day inspired. The amount of red and pink fabrics alone is enough to ensure me that these celebs picked their ensembles because of the holiday. Several hearts make appearances, unsurprisingly, along with balloons, flowing tulle and even an iconic graphic tee. Our favorite celebrities really killed it this year in the Valentine’s Day ~lewk~ department, and frankly, I’m just grateful I got to don a sweatshirt and eat Chinese food on V-Day instead of worrying about finding something stunning to wear for my fans. (Yes, I’m in denial. Just let me live.)

Unsurprisingly, singer Dua Lipa made the list with a pink jumpsuit so cool, I’m not sure why any of us try anymore. With the addition of tiny sunnies and heels taller than I am, plus the incredible Los Angeles view casually behind her, Lipa exemplified my ideal Valentine’s Day in photo.

Model Jasmine Sanders’ all-red V-Day look was only made better by her Instagram caption: “don’t touch me.” Honestly, a mood. It’s not every day that a supermodel is relatable like that.

Then, we have Lily Collins, who truly went all-out for her Valentine’s Day ensemble in a flowing Paule Ka gown. If this dress doesn’t scream V-Day, IDK what does.

Just to switch up the vibe a little, Rita Ora decided to nix the classic red and pink V-Day colors and go with something a little more unique—a tee with two men kissing. Her caption, “Kiss everyone you love today,” was just the inspiration I needed to give a little smooch to the photo of Harry Styles by my bed. (Totally kidding. Or am I?)

Keeping it classic, as per usual, Reese Witherspoon donned a short-sleeved red dress (from her own clothing company, Draper James, of course) while holding a bouquet of Valentine’s Day balloons. It was like a scene straight out of Southern Living.

And, reminding us all to love ourselves on V-Day was Tracee Ellis Ross, who posted a video of herself singing an improvised “happy love yourself day” song (while in a marble bathtub, I might add). While not the focus of the video, Ross’ red jumpsuit was the perfect pop of Valentine’s Day flare, and I’m officially dubbing her America’s mom.