Best Tweets of the Week: Amanda Bynes Pleads With Obama, Cher Vs. Chris Brown

Spencer Cain

Here, we conclude another long week — and what a week it was. Apparently, the whole “zombie apocalypse” thing isn’t disappearing anytime soon, and we should all be preparing for the end of the world. Oh well, at least we had the pleasure of experiencing important cultural events like Miley Cyrus getting engaged at 19 before we perish.

Whether you’re off to the beach this weekend, staying in your apartment posted up in front of a fan, or fleeing the country in fear of some lunatic snorting bath salts and devouring your face, you could probably use a break this Friday. What better way to take the edge off than to catch up on some of the genius (and idiocy) of your favorite (and least favorite) celebrity tweets? Click through the gallery above as we break down the week’s best tweets.