Celebrity Tracking: Where Lindsay Lohan Eats, Sleeps, and Parties Around the Globe

When it comes to celebrities, it’s nearly impossible to pin them down. After all, they’re usually jet-setting around the world, attending movie premieres, high profile events, or simply vacationing. Regardless of where they are in the world, they’re living in style—eating at the best restaurants, staying in the chicest hotels, and of course participating in the best shopping the world has to offer. Each week with Celebrity Tracking we bring you a new star and show you the ins and outs of their favorite spots around the world!
Everyone seems to have an opinion about Lindsay Lohan, whose cameo in Scary Movie 5, will debut this weekend. Some feel that the troubled 26-year-old has cheated the judicial system numerous times and deserves to be put away, while many just pity her and the bad press she frequently receives. But one thing is clear: The girl has taste, and hasn’t let a few legal troubles get in the way of her jet-setter status.
With a penchant for designer duds, lengthy stays at some of the most expensive hotels in the world, and a unrelenting taste for the hottest nightclubs of the moment, Lohan clearly loves the high life, and travels more than many A-listers who seem to have their lives on track.
When she’s in and out of the U.S., she spares no expense (or whoever is footing the bill spares no expense), and has visited a wide variety of the world’s hottest spots. While anyone can agree that she needs to ease up on the partying, she knows exactly where to do it right.
Click through the slideshow above to track Lindsay Lohan around the world!

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