It’s Official: Here Are the 25 Celebrities Who Post the Most Selfies

Meghan Blalock

With the word “selfie” now officially part of the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and the fact that weirdos people are now posting selfies at funerals, it’s clear the social media phenomenon is here to stay (no matter how grating it’s  become). And those most guilty of perpetrating the act? Celebrities.

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eBay Deals has been conducting ongoing research regarding which celebrities post the most selfies to Instagram and Twitter, and the results are in—and they’re pretty surprising. For example, Rihanna—who we previously considered to be the queen of Instagram selfies—comes in at a disappointing eighth place, with 190 selfies posted, behind starlets like Kylie Jenner, who’s posted a whopping 451 selfies to her Instagram account (sister Kendall isn’t far behind with 236). The shocking second- place winner? Rapper Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion, who’s posted 271 seflies. And, naturally, Kim and Khloe Kardashian fall into the in the top five.

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In terms of Twitter, the results fall more in line with what we would expect: Miley Cyrus comes in first place with 121 selfies posted. Tyra Banks takes home the second place prize, but she’s way behind Miley, with only 62 selfies. Third place belongs to Kendall Jenner again, who apparently really likes taking and sharing photos of herself.

See the top 25 for each category below!

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