Celebrity Tour Riders: Stars’ Most Bizarre Requests On Tour

Blair Pfander
Celebrity Tour Riders: Stars’ Most Bizarre Requests On Tour
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The minute a rising star has “made” it to A-lister status, they suddenly find themselves suffering from all kinds of peculiar needs: an acute desire for chicken salad sandwiches (which Adele has delivered to her dressing room), or—if you’re Lady Gaga—a constant stream of freshly-blended smoothies.
Here, a  look at some of the most outlandish and downright wacky demands that celebs order up for their dressing room.
If you were an A-lister what would you demand backstage! Share in the comments below!

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Eminem: The rapper keeps it pretty healthy when it comes to his demands, which include two loaves of white bread, fresh fruit, water, Lunchables, and a smattering free weights so he can pump iron before he spits beats.

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Taylor Swift: The pop-queen's Starbucks-specific list includes various iced coffees (to be delivered when Swift is arriving before 11am) along with a pint of Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream and three boxes of Kraft macaroni & cheese. The most puzzling request? A single stick of butter, though we suspect it must be incorporated into all that Mac.

Adele: The diva keeps it classy in her dressing room, asking for bottles of "the very best quality" red wine along with freshly made chicken salad sandwiches and a salad bar. Just don't let her glimpse at any orange slices in the fruit bowl—the singer hates all citrus.


Kanye West: As if we would expect any less from Yeezy, the rapper requires everything from Carmex lip balm to yogurt tubs and extra Tabasco hot sauce (the "Caribbean type"). And expect the good times to roll when you're hanging in the VIP: West also demands bottles of Hennessey, SKY, Patron, and Heineken.

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Rhianna: The "Umbrella" singer's dressing room requests are more decorative than delicious. To wit: drapes (in blue or black) must be layered with "icy blue chiffon." In addition, the venue attendants have to source animal print throw rugs and four small, clear vases for white tulips and casablanca lilies.

Mariah Carey: Apparently drapes are a big deal in diva-world. Carey's team asks that each room be "draped," and that there be a three-seat couch with "no busy patterns" where the songstress can sip her vanilla protein drinks (of which there must be twelve).

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Alicia Keys: Keys keeps things relatively real in her dressing room, asking for instant oatmeal packets, two cases of beer, and Glade candles in "French Vanilla" and "Rain Shower."


Will Ferrell: Unsurprisingly, the comedian's requests are some of the most peculiar of the bunch: during his last comedy tour, Ferrell insisted on Guinness beer, roasted almonds, and electric three-wheel scooter and "a flight of stairs on wheels."

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Lady Gaga: Last but never least, Lady Gaga requires an elaborate smoothie station for her team of "little monsters" along with hot dogs (to be "eaten with toothpicks"), "non-smelly" cheese, and guacamole.

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