10 Genius Celebrity Packing Hacks to Make Your Vacations Stress-Free

10 Genius Celebrity Packing Hacks to Make Your Vacations Stress-Free
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The secret to stress-free travels begins long before you board the airplane. Yes, we’re talking about packing, the dreaded pre-vacation activity everyone has to do before they lounge on a beach in Cabo or embark on a fun-filled ski trip in Aspen. Packing can be daunting—we get it—but with the help of celebrity jet-setters like Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen, strategically stowing away your belongings for a trip has never been more simple.

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So before you start ripping your hair out from the stress of not being able to pack every last essential, read these celebrity packing hacks that’ll change the way you think of vacations (and your suitcase.) From dual-use items to the foolproof way to protect your toiletries, check out these A-list packing tips, ahead.

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Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima — Invest in Luggage with a GPS

To ensure that she never loses her luggage on a flight, Adriana Lima invests in a suitcase with a built-in GPS. Specifically, she's a fan of Raden's A22 Carry On Spinner Suitcase ($295), which has a GPS that you can connect with via an app on your phone, so you can keep track of your luggage in real time.

"It really makes a difference because I want to connect with my children no matter where I am. And it’s a way to track your kids, even if they’re traveling. It’s awesome," Lima told New York.

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Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen — Create a Lookbook

Creating a lookbook before a vacation might seem like a lot of unnecessary work, but Chrissy Teigen swears that the task saves you valuable space in your suitcase and time on your trip. In a Twitter video, Teigen revealed that she plans each outfit (from accessories to her shoes) and binds them in a book, so that she doesn't waste valuable space and time on her vacation. It makes sense—you want to enjoy your trip, not rummage through a suitcase assembling your outfit.

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Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid — Avoid Checked Bags

She may be a supermodel with an enviable closet, but Gigi Hadid brings only the must-haves on her trips. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Hadid revealed that she avoids checked bags at all costs, and tries her hardest to squeeze everything she needs in her carry-on. By limiting herself to just a carry-on, Hadid shaves valuable time off waiting to check her bag at the beginning of her trip and waiting for it at the carousal after she lands.

"I try to only travel with carry-on at all times," she said."I pretty much spend half my life at the airport, so checking in bags is just going to add more onto that."

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Julia Stiles
Julia Stiles — Bubble Wrap Your Toiletries

To ensure that nothing breaks or spills in her suitcase, Julia Stiles bubble-wraps her toiletries. Specifically, she swears by ziplock bags lined with bubble wrap. That way, Stiles can protect fragile items like makeup and skin care products, while still storing them in a TSA-approved container.

"There are these little, square toiletry bags that that have bubble wrap on the outside, but by airport security, they’re considered a plastic baggies that you can put your toiletries in when you have to declare them—but because there’s bubble wrap, they also protect your stuff," she told Travel + Leisure.

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Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian — Bag Everything So You Don't Dirty Your Clothes

There's no doubt that Kim Kardashian has some expensive clothes packed in her suitcase. To make sure that her makeup and dirty shoes don't stain her outfits, she bags each individual item. That way, if, say, her foundation breaks, it'll only spill on a handful other products, and not on her designer clothes.

“I put everything in bags! Shoes go in shoe bags to protect the rest of my clothes,” she wrote on a post on her app titled, "My Top Packing Tips." “I also use Ziploc bags for toiletries, so products don’t ruin my clothes if something breaks. I keep all of my makeup in little pouches, too.”

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Lily Aldridge
Lily Aldridge — Pack Dual-Use Items

Lily Aldridge is a huge of fan of packing items that can serve dual uses on your trip. Not only does the method save you significant space in your suitcase, but who doesn't love a plane-warmer that can serve as beachwear? For example, the Victoria's Secret model brings scarves so she's cozy and comfortable on planes. Once she lands, she takes the item off her neck and wraps it around her waist as a makeshift sarong.

“Really comfortable scarves, because I like to get cozy on the plane since they can get so cold," she told Travel + Leisure. "And then when you land, if you’re in an exotic or tropical place, you can use them as sarongs. I like to travel as compact as possible and really think about what I’m packing, because I like to carry-on most of the time, so scarves are great to use as a two-for-one.

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Lindsay Ellingson
Lindsay Ellingson — Bring a Fanny Pack

When traveling to a foreign location, Victroia's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson veers toward the safe side. To make sure that her valuables are in front of her at all times when walking down the street or sight-seeing, Ellingson ditches her purse for a fanny pack (or a handbag similar to a fanny pack) so pocket-picking hands know to stay far away.

"I love Wendy Nichol—she makes handmade bags down in SoHo," Ellingson told Travel + Leisure. "They’re almost like fanny packs, so you don’t have to worry about your money getting stolen or anything."

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Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff — Roll, Don't Fold

As a big-name fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff knows a thing or two about clothes. To avoid creases, she highly recommends rolling, not folding, your items when packing a suitcase. The designer swears that the method not only keeps your clothes crisp and ready to wear, but you're also saving significant space in your luggage.

“Only pack the essentials! Roll, do not fold, your clothes. Not only does this free up tons of space in your bag, but it minimizes wrinkling," she told Travel + Leisure.

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Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams — Pack Neutral Clothes

Don't have enough time to plan out a week's worth of outfits? Vanessa Williams advises throwing in neutrals (specifically, whites) and calling it a day. She recommends the color due to its practicality and the fact that you can pretty much wear white with anything.

"Pack a lot of white-sweaters, Ts, linen pants. They'll work with anything!" she told InStyle.

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Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate — Unpack Immediately

To feel grounded in a new location, Christina Applegate makes it a must to unpack her entire suitcase and stow everything away at her hotel. The method not only saves you time when you're planning outfits in the morning, but it also relieves stress caused by chaotic suitcase rummaging. Plus, she's also avoided dreaded fold creases on her clothes. 

"As soon as I check in I have to unpack. I have to hang everything up and put all my toiletries in the right places," she told InStyle. "It makes me feel settled. I love how organized and clean hotels are; there's just something so wonderful about perfectly rolled up towels and soaps in the right place."


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