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You don’t need a reminder that fall’s finally here (along with a subtle nip in the air to prove it) but what you probably do need is a reminder of what’s so wonderful about fall. While we’re happy to trade our iced coffees for cinnamon-flavored lattes and once again feel socially acceptable spending our weekends hibernating under the covers with Netflix, one of the greatest joys of cooler weather is swapping our T-shirts and flip-flops for sweaters and boots—and seeing other stylish people do the same.

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And while fashion week runways and Instagram influencers are a great place for fall style inspo for men and women alike, let’s face it, sometimes the people whose street style is must fun to ogle are the famous faces of Hollywood. And though this website is typically focused on celebrating beauty and style for women, sometimes we just need to look at a little man candy, okay?

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Yes—we’re talking about the male celebrity heartthrobs whose fashion sense is just as on-fire as their looks. Because whether you’re a style connoisseur or simply enjoy taking in some well-dressed, cozily clad dudes, we can all appreciate a good outfit. To do you a solid, we plucked pics of 25 famous men whose fall style is full-on fierce. Peek at the good looks (see what we did there?) ahead.

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Zayn Malik Style
Zayn Malik
Photo: Getty Images
Ryan Gosling Style
Ryan Gosling
Photo: Getty Images
Drake Style
Photo: Getty Images
Justin Theroux Style
Justin Theroux
Photo: Getty Images
Michael B Jordan Style
Michael B. Jordan
Photo: Getty Images
Scott Disick Style
Scott Disick
Photo: Getty Images
Zac Efron Style
Zac Efron
Photo: Getty Images
The Weeknd Style
The Weeknd
Photo: Getty Images
Harry Styles Style
Harry Styles
Photo: Getty Images
Joe Jonas Style
Joe Jonas
Photo: Getty Images
Eddie Redmayne Style
Eddie Redmayne
Photo: Getty Images
David Beckham Style
David Beckham
Photo: Getty Images
Jaden Smith Style
Jaden Smith
Photo: Getty Images
Jared Leto Style
Jared Leto
Photo: Getty Images
Jake Gyllenhaal Style
Jake Gyllenhaal
Photo: Getty Images
James Corden Style
James Corden
Photo: Getty Images
Justin Bieber Style
Justin Bieber
Photo: Getty Images
Kanye West Style
Kanye West
Photo: Getty Images
Luke Evans Style
Luke Evans
Photo: Getty Images
Asap Rocky Style
A$AP Rocky
Photo: Getty Images
Pharrell Style
Pharrell Williams
Photo: Getty Images
Rami Malek Style
Rami Malek
Photo: Getty Images
Ryan Reynolds Style
Ryan Reynolds
Photo: Getty Images
Tom Hiddleston Style
Tom Hiddleston
Photo: Getty Images
Victor Cruz Style
Victor Cruz
Photo: Getty Images

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  • Zayn Malik Style
  • Ryan Gosling Style
  • Drake Style
  • Justin Theroux Style
  • Michael B Jordan Style
  • Scott Disick Style
  • Zac Efron Style
  • The Weeknd Style
  • Harry Styles Style
  • Joe Jonas Style
  • Eddie Redmayne Style
  • David Beckham Style
  • Jaden Smith Style
  • Jared Leto Style
  • Jake Gyllenhaal Style
  • James Corden Style
  • Justin Bieber Style
  • Kanye West Style
  • Luke Evans Style
  • Asap Rocky Style
  • Pharrell Style
  • Rami Malek Style
  • Ryan Reynolds Style
  • Tom Hiddleston Style
  • Victor Cruz Style