12 Uncanny Times Celebrities Impersonated Other Celebrities

12 Uncanny Times Celebrities Impersonated Other Celebrities
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There’s no doubt that we love a good celebrity impression. They’re a surefire way to make us laugh, and no matter how bad they are, there is almost always one spot-on idiosyncratic behavior that never fails to make us crack up. But something we love even more is when those celebrity impressions happen to be by another celebrity.

Who better to impersonate a star than their A-list best friend who has spent more time with them than a random comedian on the internet? To add a little laughter to your day, we rounded up 12 uncanny celebrity impressions by other celebrities. Check out these hilariously funny celebrity impressions, from Selena Gomez’s spot-on impersonation of Taylor Swift to Anna Kendrick’s pitch-perfect Kristen Stewart accent, ahead.

1. Anna Kendrick as Kristen Stewart

After years playing her best friend on the “Twilight” films, Anna Kendrick was bound to pick up some of Kristen Stewart’s habits along the way. She showed off her impression in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, in which she did a spot-on K. Stew shrug and hair touch while talking about “Pitch Perfect 3.”

2. Ariana Grande as Jennifer Lawrence

It’s well known that Ariana Grande has a killer voice, but she also a secret talent for nailing celebrity impressions. On an appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” Grande impersonated Jennifer Lawrence on “Celebrity Family Feud.” The impressions consisted of tons of “relatable” moments and Grande speaking in a perfect J. Law voice about her love for food.

3. Khloé Kardashian as Kim Kardashian

Though Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian have tried their hand at impersonating KimKhloé‘s impression reigns supreme. The youngest Kardashian sister showed off her Kim imitation on an episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where she perfected the KKW Beauty founder’s soft, monotone voice.

4. Kate McKinnon as Gal Gadot

After Gal Gadot guested on “Saturday Night Live,” Kate McKinnon spent enough time with her to nail her impression. The “SNL” cast member showed off her imitation an interview with Jimmy Fallon, in which she made the audience die with laughter at her uncanny take on Gadot’s accent and her laissez-faire attitude.

5. Christina Aguilera as Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera showed off tons of applause-worthy impersonations when she played Wheel of Musical Impressions with Jimmy Fallon. But the best by far was her impression of her pop-star rival Britney Spears. Aguilera sang “This Little Piggy” in Spears’s well-known nasally voice, and, if you close your eyes, you might not be able to tell the difference.

6. Sarah Paulson as Drew Barrymore

Sarah Paulson’s impression of Holly Hunter was pretty good on Jimmy Fallon’s Wheel of Impressions, but what really got us off our couches and rolling on the floor laughing was her imitation of Drew Barrymore. Paulson nailed Barrymore’s sweet California accent and overly enthusiastic personality.

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7. Selena Gomez as Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are BFFs, so if they don’t know each other’s idiosyncratic habits by now, we’d be really surprised. Luckily, Gomez didn’t disappoint when she did an uncanny impression of Swift hair-tossing and performing on stage in an interview with iHeartRadio.

8. Demi Lovato as Fetty Wap

Demi Lovato would be the last person on our list who could do a perfect Fetty Wap impression, but the singer proved us wrong while playing Wheel of Musical Impressions with Jimmy Fallon. Lovato sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to the tune of Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” in a voice that’s near-identical to the rapper’s signature deep accent.

9. Alessia Cara as Nicki Minaj

Alessia Cara surprised audiences when she presented her near-perfect Nicki Minaj impression on an interview with Jimmy Fallon when the two were playing Wheel of Musical Impressions. Cara, who also did applause-worthy imitations of Ariana Grande and Lorde, nailed Minaj’s facial expressions and faux-British accent when rapping to the “Fresh Prince” theme song.

10. Matt Damon as Matthew McConaughey

You would think that Matt Damon would have an impressive impression of his BFF, Ben Affleck, up his sleeve, but the actor can actually impersonate Matthew McConaughey beyond belief. Damon showed off his impression in an interview with David Letterman, where he sounded nearly perfected McConaughey’s Texan twang.

11. Julie Bowen as Sofia Vergara

Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara have acted together on “Modern Family” for almost a decade, so at this point, we expect them to know each other—and their voices—like the back of their hands. Bowen gave a surprise Vergara impression in an interview with Conan O’Brien, while talking about what Vergara is like to act on set with.

12. Nicole Scherzinger as Shakira

There are a lot of great Shakira impressions, but Nicole Scherzinger’s is one for the books. The Pussycat Dolls member imitated the Colombian singer’s signature high-low voice on an episode of the U.K. reality show “Bring the Noise.”