Do You Write Like Kim or Beyoncé? What Celebrity Handwriting Tells Us About Personality



Unfortunately, it seems increasingly unlikely that I’ll ever be close enough with Beyoncé to really get to know her personality, and—while I did meet her for a fleeting five minutes—Kim Kardashian and I are likely never going to chat about why she wears so much bodycon or what it’s like to break the Internet over margaritas on a Friday afternoon. However, that doesn’t stop me—and I bet you, too—from wondering what celebrities such as Bey and Kim are really like in real life, which is why I tracked down expert graphologist (she has more three decades of experience!) Sheila Kurtz from Scan My Handwriting, a New York–based company that specializes in breaking down handwriting for anyone looking for a little more introspection, or businesses looking for insight into a potential job candidate.

Here’s what Kurtz had to say about the handwriting of four big celebrities.

RIHANNA celebrity handwriting

See how Rihanna’s script flows elegantly and without any interruption? Kurtz says that’s a sign of great rhythm and that her “thoughts and physicality are in close coordination.” The fact that she has closed, rounded dots over her i’s suggests she “pays very close attention to details, is an independent thinker, and is loyal to what she believes in.” Notice her straight, strong downstrokes of her y and g formations—those indicate strong determination and follow-through. Her intuition (shown by breaks between letters inside a word) speeds up her logical thinking, which is already high. She is not impulsive; she thinks before she acts or reacts.
Beyonce handwriting

Kurtz described Bey’s handwriting as extraordinarily clear, rhythmic, meticulous, logical, and open. “She may be somewhat secretive about private matters, as signaled by loops on the right side of o formations,” Kurtz said. She uses big, plump loops on the y formations, which indicates an imagination that is very creative, and because most of the loops finish above the baseline, Kurtz says there is evidence that she has the power to “bring her dreams to fruition.” Unsurprising, really!

Apparently the rounded m and n formations indicate a mostly methodical mind, and suggest she’s not a particularly fast thinker, but she makes up for the relative slowness of process with a good and trusted intuition (signaled by the breaks between letters) that accelerates her ability to draw decisions from strings of facts. Kurtz notes that Bey probably “pays close attention to details and is well organized, even though she might complain that she is not.” The rounded i dots indicate that she stands by what she believes in and isn’t easily swayed.   

Her f formations have what graphologists call tie strokes (they look like a tied shoelace) and signal that Beyoncé is the kind of person who perseveres until she achieves something. Also, the fact that her overall slant is straight up and down is the sign of a person “who seldom is swept away by impulse and thinks before she acts.” 

Kurtz also added that Bey might be argumentative, perhaps in a defensive way because the tops of certain p formations are “higher than the round part of the letter.” The fact that she underscores her first name is also a sign of self-reliance. “She can and will do things on her own,” Kurtz said, adding that, “All in all, the clarity and elegance [of the handwriting] are outstanding.”
Kim kardashian handwritingKim’s handwriting lacks flourishes or start-up strokes, which signals that she’s straightforward in her expression, and is direct and hates wasting time. Firm endings on words indicate a strong decisiveness, while close i dots indicate good attention to detail. Close, round i dots also suggest she’s loyal to what she believes in. Emma watson handwriting

Emma ’s script is basically personality-less, and nearly void of idiosyncrasy or special style, which says exactly what you think it would about her actual personality. Graphologists measure intuition in the number of breaks between letters in words, and Watson’s style shows that she tends to cover up her tendency to act on gut feelings. She also tends to go back and connect letters that might otherwise go naturally unconnected. Kurtz explained that this takes time, disengages the intuitive sense, and slows down her thinking. “Perhaps she has tried to use her intuition and found it untrustworthy,” Kurtz said.

Her open e loops suggest that she is open-minded, while the V-shaped and round m and n forms show she is both analytical and methodical. Kurtz interprets Watson as being an independent thinker based on the short stems she uses on her t and d letters, while those close, round i dots indicate she’s loyal to people and ideas she believes in. The very small loops at the bottom of the m and g forms indicate that she is clannish in the sense she prefers to be among people most like herself.