This Week In Celebrity Dancing and “Letting Loose,” as Told by Instagram

Rachel Krause

“Dance like no one is watching,” they say, mostly on Pinterest but maybe other places too. “I hope you dance,” sang Lee Ann Womack, who up until approx. two minutes ago I believed was one and the same as LeAnn Rimes. She is not, which is excellent news for Ms. Womack.

The implication here is that dancing represents a free spirit, an open heart (metaphorical) and an open mind, a person who doesn’t take themselves too seriously but instead embraces life and lets the music carry them away into the night. By the same token, dancing is a great way to make you look like you don’t take yourself too seriously—even if you do!

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Between the Met Gala and last night’s Chanel Cruise show in Cuba (where dancing is as important a cultural touchstone as cigars and communism), it’s been a big week for fashion people, a people who historically tend to take themselves very seriously. And so I present to you “This Week in Dancing,” starring Karl Lagerfeld, Tilda Swinton, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and a very young boy.

Here is the most important dancer of the week: Tilda Swinton, who looked very pleased as she sort of effortlessly wiggled down a Havana street.

Karl Lagerfeld, part one: a dance with a woman called HollySiz. I do not know who this is, but maybe I should?

Karl Lagerfeld, part two: a very lovely dance with the very lovely Vanessa Paradis, culminating in a very light embrace.

Karl Lagerfeld, part three: a dance with an unidentified child, who I assume is Chanel runway regular Hudson Kroenig, eight (From a Vanity Fair feature, “The Boy Who Loved Chanel”: “My hair is blond. My eyes are brown. My skin is a little beige-ish, a little gold-ish. I wear a size-1 shoe. I am 49 inches. I have big pecs, and I’m lean like Daddy.”)

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All the pretty birds, doing their best to reinforce the Cuban Thaw


Willow Smith and Jaden Smith, whose Instagram handle is @christiaingrey??!?!?!?!?!

Some signature moves from Kanye West; a whole lot of Kim Kardashian presenting her butt to the camera.

I’ve watched this upwards of ten times trying to decipher the hand signals Selena Gomez throws up at the end there; no conclusion has been reached.

Grimes has fun.

Kate Hudson was there.

Contrary to reports that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen “really let loose” at the party, and got particularly “amped” and “formed a soul train” when the Cardigans’ “Lovefool” came on, this is the only photographic evidence we have of them even being there. Still, an observer insists, “Both the Olsens were really cutting loose and having an amazing time with their friends.” That’s good.

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