This Artist Paints Celebrity Portraits—With Coffee as Ink

Kristen Bousquet


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone comes along and does totally totally cool and unique. Brazilian artist Dirceu Veiga does more than just create beautiful life-like portraits of celebrities—he actually uses coffee as a medium. Yep, that’s right—coffee.

Art has always been in Veiga’s blood since his first job was working as an illustrator at a publishing company. While working as an illustrator, he began doing his work in local coffee shops to gain inspiration instead of spending his days at the office. Slowly, he began visiting coffee shops more and more.

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What really inspired Veiga the most was the crowds of people in their frantic morning rushes, the smell of fresh brews, and the noises of coffee mugs clinking together and people laughing and socializing.

“I wanted to create something that could translate and capture the coffee shop experience,” Veiga tells StyleCaster. And that he did.

Viega got the brilliant idea to use coffee to paint, and guess what? It worked! His favorite type of people to depict in his coffee portraits are celebrities—both from the United States and from his home country of Brazil. You can see his portfolio on his website where you’ll find portraits of celebrities like Jessica Alba, Amy Winehouse and Audrey Hepburn.

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In the future, he plans on painting Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Gisele Bundchen and many more. Many of the Brazilian celebrities that Veiga has painted have actually commented on his work, and he’s even been invited to paint coffee portraits at parties hosted by Brazilian celebrities on private islands! Um, can we come?

The one thing we couldn’t help but ask: How the heck does he not drink all of his coffee when painting? “I always have two coffee cups on the table: one to drink, another to paint,” the artist says. “But sometimes I end up drinking the painting coffee on accident!”