Blake Lively, Rihanna, and Mila Kunis Combined Make The Perfect Woman: Study

Leah Bourne

It’s no secret that women look up to celebrities—particularly in the body department—which might explain the pretty disturbing trend of women going to the plastic surgeon asking to mimic stars’ body parts like they’re ordering off of a menu. So what are the celebrity parts that women think make up the perfect woman?

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E! Online recently conducted a poll where participants could select from a list of stars and their body parts in order to create the “perfect female celeb.” According to the results the ideal female would have Blake Lively’s killer legs, Rihanna’s washboard abs, Gabrielle Unions super-toned arms, Sofia Vergara’s boobs, Jessica Alba’s easygoing smile, Mila Kunis’ bedroom eyes, and Carrie Underwood’s blonde locks.

All good in theory, but the composite is a little bit frightening. It turns out the perfect woman isn’t so perfect at all. It’s actually a pretty refreshing message to keep in mind—just be happy with what you have!

The poll was conducted to promote E!’s new show “Botched”, which premiered this Tuesday, which follows Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif correcting plastic surgery gone wrong—further proof that going under the knife to look like your favorite celebrities probably isn’t the best idea.

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