From Isla to Zooey: 9 Celebrities Who Changed Religions

Beth Stebner

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Zooey Deschanel Photo: WENN

Zooey Deschanel (Photo: WENN)

Zooey Deschanel has said that in the past that she hasn’t attached herself to any particular religion (“My family is liberal,” she’s said of her parents, who are Roman Catholic and Quaker.  “I was raised in the ‘you can be whatever you want’ kind of way. And in the end, I was like, ‘Eh.’”) But according to Us Weekly, the 35-year-old “New Girl” star has changed that ‘eh’ attitude and recently converted to Judaism for her husband, Jacob Pechenik, with whom she has a child, 3-month old Elsie.

But she’s far from the only celebrity that’s taken the plunge. We’ve heard plenty about how Katie Holmes took to Scientology when she was dating Tom Cruise, and sexy siren Marilyn Monroe adopted the Jewish faith before marrying famed playwright Arthur Miller (then stopped practicing after their split. Oh well, nothing lasts forever).

Keep reading to see nine famous folks who changed their faith.

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen Photo: WENN

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen
Photo: WENN

Isla Fisher
The “Wedding Crashers” actress was raised Methodist in Australia but converted to Judaism after she started dating funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen, who’s Jewish. Fisher studied Hebrew and converted several years back. “I never saw it as a losing or gaining situation, just an embracing situation,” she told Allure in 2009. “If one wanted to be buried next to one’s beloved and they were Jewish, then one would have to be Jewish, too. That came out really weird. Scratch the burial.”

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Photo: WENN

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Photo: WENN

Katie Holmes
The former “Dawson’s Creek” darling converted to Scientology weeks after she started dating Tom Cruise, leaving her Roman Catholic roots behind. After their 2012 divorce, Cruise is said to have left the Church of Scientology altogether.


Julia Roberts (Photo: WENN)

Julia Roberts
There must have been something in the gelato: America’s sweetheart converted to Hinduism when filming “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Photo: Ray Garbo/WENN

Madonna (Photo: Ray Garbo/WENN)

The “Material Girl” was raised in a Roman Catholic family and has since become one of the most famous practitioners of Kabbalah. There were reports she looked into “Opus Dei” Catholicism in 2011, but didn’t formally convert.

Marilyn Monroe Photo:Earl Theisen/Getty Images

Marilyn Monroe (Photo:Earl Theisen/Getty Images)

Marilyn Monroe
The former Norma Jeane Mortensen was born into a family of Christian Scientists and briefly converted to Judaism before her 1956 marriage to Arthur Miller. The couple split in 1961, and the silver screen siren seemed to leave her new religion behind after the divorce.

Jane Fonda (Photo: WENN)

Jane Fonda (Photo: WENN)

Jane Fonda
The legendary actress and political activist, who was raised agnostic, spoke publicly about converting to Christianity in 2001. “I wasn’t attracted to Buddhism although I really respect it,” she told Beliefnet in a 2005 interview. “I wasn’t attracted to Islam although I really respect it. Or Judaism. I’m attracted to Jesus.”

Orlando Bloom (Photo: Brian To/WENN)

Orlando Bloom (Photo: Brian To/WENN)

Orlando Bloom
The “Lord of the Rings” star and ex-husband of Miranda Kerr was raised in the Church of England but now practices the Japanese Soka Gakkai school of Buddhism. “It’s about studying what is going on in my daily life and using that as fuel to go and live a bigger life,” he told Details in 2007.


Snoop Dogg (Photo: WENN)

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg (real name: Calvin Broadus) caused a stir in 2009 when he revealed he left his Baptist roots for the Nation of Islam, the group made most famous by fellow convert Malcolm X. “It’s about seeing yourself and what you can do to better the situation,” the rapper said at the time. “We’re doing a lot of wrongs among ourselves that need correcting.”