10 Famous Women Who’ve Gotten Real About Masturbation

10 Famous Women Who’ve Gotten Real About Masturbation
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We love a celebrity who can speak honestly and openly about their personal life. When it’s about their sex life? Even better. But, as we all know, there comes a time when there’s a dry spell—something celebrities aren’t immune to, either. As we also know, a quick fix for this lull in our sex lives is taking care of business ourselves. And though it’s far from the real thing, it gets the job done—which is likely why even crazy-attractive celebrities have also been known to self-pleasure themselves from time to time.

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We get it. Masturbation is a tough topic to discuss, even around your closest and most sex-friendly friends. But in reality, it’s something nearly everyone in the universe has done, which is probably why more and more A-listers are opening up about their bedroom behavior in an effort to the shed the stigma surrounding the solo sex act. Ahead, peek at 10 times celebrities were refreshingly real about masturbation.

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Gina Rodriguez Hair
Gina Rodriguez

Given her upbringing, which she described as "purity culture," Rodriguez grew up feeling guilty with masturbating. It wasn't until she was older that she realized there was nothing wrong with self-pleasuring, whether she's single or in a relationship.

"In all honesty, I used to feel guilty for masturbating. Oh my God, this extreme guilt!" she told Bust. "And that lasted way too long. Or maybe I masturbated too much! It's okay to look back in retrospect and be like, it wasn't good that I felt bad about touching myself. And it isn't bad that I want to share my love with my boyfriend. I'm 32 years old, I'm an adult, I can do that!"

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Amber Rose Beauty
Amber Rose

Rose has always been a sex-positive pioneer in Hollywood. In an interview with Glamour, she revealed that her secret to glowing skin is masturbation—something she wishes she had more time for.

"I wish I had the time to masturbate every day in reality, but I don’t," she said. "I say a lot of those things on [The Amber Rose Show] because I am very sex-positive. I do say those things in a way where I am very serious, but it’s also a joke."

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Miley Cyrus Hair
Miley Cyrus

Cyrus is so comfortable with her sexuality that she Instagrammed a picture of herself masturbating in 2015. In her caption, the singer also cheekily admitted that her technique to keeping social media trolls at bay was by masturbating. "A masturbate a day keeps the haters away," she wrote.

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Shailene Woodley Beauty
Shailene Woodley

For Woodley, masturbation is an important step to becoming familiar with one's sexuality and pleasure points. In an interview with Net-A-Porter, the actress revealed that she would love to write a book on self-pleasuring. Woodley is also a strong believer in how masturbating early on can lead to less STDs later in life.

"As a young woman you don't learn how to pleasure yourself, you don't learn what an orgasm should be, you don't learn that you should have feelings of satisfaction," she said ."I've always had a dream of making a book called There's No Right Way to Masturbate. If masturbation were taught in school, I wonder how [many] fewer people would get herpes aged 16, or pregnant at 14?"

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Eva Longoria Beauty
Eva Longoria

For Longoria, sex wasn't truly pleasureful until she learned the ins and outs of masturbation. In an interview with Self, the actress revealed that she frequently gives vibrators as presents to her friends to spread the self-love message.

"I didn't begin enjoying sex until I started masturbating. Before that, I really wasn't sexual. I bought my first vibrator three years ago," she said. "It's a shame I didn't discover it sooner. Now I give Rabbit vibrators to all my girlfriends. They scream when they unwrap it. The best gift I can give them is an orgasm."

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Emma Watson Beauty
Emma Watson

Watson is a huge fan of OMGYes, a website aimed at female sexuality. In an interview with feminist and activist, Gloria Steinem, the actress touted the website for its helpful tips on self-pleasuring, and expressed how she wished it was around earlier.

“[OMGYes] is a pretty cool website,” Watson said.  “I wish it had been around longer. Definitely check it out. It’s an expensive subscription—but it’s worth it.

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Anna Kendrick Hair
Anna Kendrick

As a Twitter comedian, Kendrick casually hinted at her masturbatory behavior in a Tweet while watching the 2013 film, "Gangster Squad," starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Though it's unclear whether she was joking or serious, we love the actress for being so cool with self-pleasuring herself.

"Ugh—NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again," she tweeted. "Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered 'inappropriate'"

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Rihanna Hair

After catching wind that May was "National Masturbation Month," Rihanna took to Twitter to suggest that her masturbatory routine wasn't just one month, but all year-long. "'May is National Masturbation Month' more like 2012," she tweeted.

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Taylor Momsen Hair
Taylor Momsen

Like Woodley, Momsen also strongly believes that masturbating leads to safe sex. In an interview with The Guardian, the musician touted masturbation as an effective way for people to learn about their sexual interests before involving themselves with someone else.

"I'm a promoter of masturbation. Don't sleep around—learn yourself first! Guys do, but girls don't. And that's why girls have so many bad experiences," she said. "But you can know your body, know yourself, know what feels good. You don't have to give yourself away just to have sexual relevance. Because I don't think sex is something people should be afraid of. It's part of human nature, so I don't think it should be so shameful—particularly for girls and young girls."

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Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy, who has joked that she went through "400 vibrators" before meeting her currnent husband, Donnie Wahlberg, revealed to Us Weekly in 2013 that she carries a miniature version of the sex toy in her bag at all times "just in case." 

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