12 Times Celebrities Got Ridiculously High On Camera

12 Times Celebrities Got Ridiculously High On Camera
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There are a lot of activities we wish we could do with our favorite celebrity: cooking with Chrissy Teigen, selfie-taking with the Kardashians, perusing pictures of Zayn Malik on the internet with Gigi Hadid. The list goes on. But perhaps the activity we’ve been dying to do the most is getting high with our favorite weed-loving celebrities.

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And though it’s unlikely we’ll ever have Rihanna pass us her blunt, we can at least smoke with them in spirit. Thanks to social media, footage of celebrities blazing it is about as common a sponsored Instagram ad. They’re everywhere, and, for the most part, celebrities share them themselves.

To help you decide which A-lister would be your dream bong-hitting buddy, we rounded up 12 times celebrities were caught on camera getting high. See them, ahead.