10 Celebrities Reimagined as Works of Art

10 Celebrities Reimagined as Works of Art
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Celebrities might be considered deities in today’s fame-obsessed culture, but there’s a catch—becoming irrelevant is a looming possibility. Lucky for stars like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, even Vin Diesel, a number of artists with sharp senses of humor managed to stop the passage of time by reimagining the stars as works of art.

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Perhaps the best place to find celebs-turned-art is The Carter Family Portrait Gallery, a wildly addictive Tumblr that’s taken almost every famous piece of art from the 1400s onward and incorporates Bey, Jay Z, Blue Ivy, and occasionally a few relevant guests stars like Kanye West

Worth1000—a collection of online arenas where the worlds best artists compete daily in creative competitions—is another spot to discover interesting celebrity art, as evidenced by the array of “paintings” we saw recently, including Drew Barrymore in full Renaissace garb, and Kardashian made to look like Alicia Florrick from CBS’ initial ad for “The Good Wife.” 

Here, we’ve compiled 10 pieces of celebrity art from around the web that are both humorous and poignant—click through and let us know which ones are your favorite!


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Beyonce as Vermeer's Girl With the Pearl Earring 

Photo: The Carter Familly Portraits

Pop artist Mark Ryden featured this painting of Katy Perry (Katy Aphrodite, 2014, oil on canvas) in his new L.A. art show "The Gay 90s." 

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter/Mark Ryden




If you've never visited Worth1000, do it now. Essentially a collection of online arenas where the world's best artists compete daily in creative competitions, the site is a trove of interesting art. Case in point: This "Drew Renaissance" by MaryMarinova

The work took 22nd place entry in the site's Modern Renaissance 13 contest.

Beyoncé and Jay Z taking on Grant Wood's iconic American Gothic. 

Photo: The Carter Family Portraits

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney asEdmund Charles Tarbell's Three Sisters, A Study in June Sunlight, 1890.

Photo: Complex

Sorry, Kanye. Looks like Jay Z is the real king here. 

Photo: The Carter Family Portraits

Another stunner from Worth1000's Modern Renaissance 13 contest, this one of Taylor Swift was done by artist UltraVio.

Another Worth1000 work with Kim Kardashian modeled after CBS' original ad for "The Good Wife" by artist joffieb. This took 18th place in Miscast 13

Vin Diesel as the Mona Lisa? Why not. 

Photo: Kulfoto

Jay Z as Picasso's famousThe Old Guitarist

Photo: The Carter Familly Portraits

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