The CEO of Twitter Reveals The Three Celebrities He Wishes Would Join

Meghan Blalock

As we’ve seen and analyzed more times than we’d care to count, there are plenty of celebrities on Twitter. They take to the social media platform in hordes to post selfies, not-so-clever observations about life, and other deep thoughts—all, but a few.

The CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, sat down with an interview for the “Today” show this morning and revealed the top three stars who currently aren’t on Twitter, but who he wishes would join in 2014. They are: Tina Fey, her bestie Amy Poehler, and fellow funny woman Melissa McCarthy.

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“I would say it’s the collection of female comedians,” Costol told the show’s Matt Lauer. “I should be able to use some of my pull from my Chicago improvisation days to get a few of ’em onto the platform, and I’ll make that my goal.”

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Fun fact: Tina Fey actually does have a real Twitter account, but she hasn’t posted to it since 2010. There’s an account that belongs to an @AmyPoehler, but there are no Tweets on it at all. Melissa has yet to join.

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Obviously, we completely agree. While Twitter is a hot bed for people who think they are funny, very few of the funniest women in the world participate in the conversation. We’d love to see these three gals strike up a back-and-forth, for instance, about the news that KimYe might host a wedding inside Versailles. Imagine the hilarity that would ensue!

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