Celebrities in the Front Row: New York Fashion Week Edition

Spencer Cain

The Spring 2013 collections are fully under way at New York Fashion Week, and while our eyes have been glued to the looks floating down the runways, the front rows this season are also particularly interesting. From Olympian of the moment Ryan Lochte to Jennifer Aniston‘s fiancé Justin Theroux to Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself Sarah Jessica Parker, it’s no wonder that flashbulbs are blinding Manhattan.

Fashion show front rows are a business in itself, and designers fight to have A-listers lining their audiences — even paying for the privilege in some instances. While some die-hard fashionistas make the cut, a slew of randoms often get star status when it comes to seating.

Click through the gallery above to see who we’ve eyed in the front row, and check back throughout the week for updates!

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