These 7 Celebrities Prove Food Is the Best Accessory

These 7 Celebrities Prove Food Is the Best Accessory
Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Stringer For Entertainment/Getty Images.

Ah, food. Where should we start? It’s a shoulder to cry on and a friend to rely on. But it’s turning out to be more useful than we thought, and celebrities everywhere are proving our point by turning their snacks into accessories.

We’re not talking about wearing your food—that’s gross. But we’re definitely suggesting that an edible accessory could elevate your wardrobe from ramen status to full-on Nobu. And if you don’t want to trust our opinion, you don’t have to. Trust Victoria’s Secret Angels. Trust American Royalty. Trust Miss Universe. (Drops mic.)

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You might think the best part about this trend is the fact that it’s edible, but you’re wrong. The best part is that you can adapt it to whatever you’re craving. That, friends, is the American dream. (…Right?)

Here, seven celebs show you how they accessorized their outfits with some (literal) arm candy.

Romee Strijd: Lemon.

Strijd’s look is phenomenal, and we can’t deny that. It resides somewhere between easy-breezy and total supermodel, which, we guess, explains her VS Angel title. But what could take her floral pants and shiny shades to the next level? A lemon. Duh.

Khloé Kardashian: Coca-Cola.

You can’t just walk around making a duck face—that’s socially unacceptable, and everyone knows it. So how is one supposed to achieve that perpetually-perfect pout? Khloé Kardashian‘s got it down: All you have to do is carry around a can of Coke, and drink it through a straw. At all times.

Kourtney Kardashian: Ice Cream.

But not just any ice cream. Ice cream in a super-cute cone, decked out in rainbow sprinkles. Her berry-toned jacket-without-pants look is very chic, but we can’t deny it’s lacking a little something in the “pop-of-color” department. Luckily, Sugar Factory was there to save the day.

James Charles: Pizza.

Nobody looks sexy in an oversized black hoodie—and that’s a fact. Even if your skin, makeup, hair and nails are incredible, you can look “gorg,” at most. But sexy? That’s a whole other arena.

Celeb makeup artist James Charles knew this, so he amped up the vibes with a slice of delicious-looking pepperoni pizza. It totally accents his millennial angst, while simultaneously elevating his outfit. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

Millie Bobby Brown: Bubblegum.

MBB’s ’60s-inspired look wasn’t complete, even with an incredible beige leather jacket and winged eyeliner so legit it could proably fly her to New York and back. TG for her stylist, who knew just what would do the trick: bright pink bubblegum. Consider the game changed.

Emily Ratajkowski: Some Kind of Fruity Cake Dessert.

EmRata’s pout is so perfect, we’re not convinced that the cake on her plate, though half-eaten, even touched her luscious lips.

Her girly, polka-dotted ensemble did need a badass edge, now that we think about it—an edge those spiky lychees on her plate totally deliver. (She calls them strawberries, but those do not look like strawberries to us.) Plus, a pop of red never hurt anyone.

Olivia Culpo: A Bowl of Fruit.

Nothing screams “Miss Universe” like working out in a full face of makeup and perfectly-coiffed hair—except maybe eating a bowl of rainbow-colored fruits while wearing totally-stainable-yet-completely-unstained all-white exercise gear.