25 Hungry Celebs Living Their Best Life with Junk Food

25 Hungry Celebs Living Their Best Life with Junk Food
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Celebrity photos are a form of people-watching at its finest (or lowest, depending on whom you ask). And while paparazzi shots in Us Weekly or in a star’s Insta feed are usually as blatantly staged as red-carpet snaps, seeing photos of famous people doing the mundane shit we all do all day, every day—walking their dog, running errands, or housing a cheeseburger—is undeniably compelling.

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To prove it, we dare you not to click through all 25 photos of celebrities eating junk food. See who eats what, from hot dogs to fried dough—and try to resist the urge to hashtag each one with #YouDidNotEatThat.

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Gigi Hadid, along with the rest of the world, can't survive without posting In-n-Out shots to Instagram.

Photo: @gigihadid

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend chow down on cinnamon rolls. No word if Twitter trolls took issue with this.

Photo: @chrissyteigen

Khloe and Kendall Kardashian "house" a pizza.

Photo: @girlswithgluten

The bite heard 'round the world: Kim Kardashian eats a churro while holding North.

Photo: @girlswithgluten

Bella Hadid sips rosé while eating posing with a pizza.

Photo: @girlswithgluten

Beyoncé also loves pizza.

Photo: @girlswithgluten

Newly fitness-obsessed Kourtney Kardashian nibbles a cookie.

Photo: @girlswithgluten

Lady Gaga slurps spaghetti.

Photo: @girlswithgluten

Paris Hilton parties with pizza.

Photo: @girlswithgluten

Selena Gomez eats McDonald's fries.

Photo: @girlswithgluten

Zendaya air-kisses a huge ice cream sundae.

Photo: @zendaya

Jared Leto bites into fried dough at what one can only assume is his second home, Coachella.

Photo: @youdidnoteatthat

Even Mr. Perfect—aka Clooney—can't resist the pull of a good street dog.

Photo: instagram / @burgermurger

Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid enjoy a private-plane birthday cake to celebrate Hadid's 21st.

Photo: @gigihadid

Khloe eating instant ramen > you eating instant ramen.

Photo: instagram / @kardashianseating

Even President Obama gets down with an ice cream cone.

Photo: @obamaeating

Tyra Banks appears to eat pancakes and bacon at a restaurant.

Photo: @girlswithgluten

Justin Bieber’s a growing boy.

Photo: instagram / @burgermurger

Get on that pizza, Nicole Scherzinger.

Photo: instagram / @pizzaornothing_official

Hillary Clinton and Chloë Grace Moretz pose with doughnuts.

Photo: @girlswithgluten

J.Lo isn't afraid of a burger.

Photo: instagram / @burgermurger

Baby's first free sample.

Photo: instagram / @kimkardashianeating

Drew Barrymore takes a bite out of a hot dog.

Photo: @girlswithgluten

Wendy Williams loves a corn dog.

Photo: instagram

Even a  young Liz Taylor tucked into a cheeseburger.

Photo: instagram / @burgermurger

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