Afternoon Eye Candy: Celebrate Ryan Gosling’s 32nd Birthday With 32 Of His All-Time Hottest Looks

Spencer Cain

We don’t care about every celebrity birthday, but sometimes we have no choice but to acknowledge a few. Yes, today is one of those days. Actor Ryan Gosling turns 32 today, and given the heartthrob status he’s achieved over the years, it’s only appropriate that we honor that in pictures,

Born in Canada, Gosling first rose to fame thanks to “The Mickey Mouse Club,” but it wasn’t until the 2004 chick-flick extraordinaire “The Notebook” that people began to really take notice. From there, Gosling has become a pretty serious actor, scoring an Oscar nod for “Half Helson” in 2006, and breaking hearts as the ukulele-playing alcoholic husband to Michelle Williams in 2010’s “Blue Valentine.”

Since then, women everywhere have tracked his every move and it turns out, he’s a pretty awesome guy. Last summer, Gosling broke up a fight on Astor Place in New York City, and a few months later, he saved a British journalist from getting hit by a cab. Hello, hero!

While there are lots many ways to celebrate the birthday of such a stand-up guy, we thought we’d keep it simple. Above, 32 of Ryan Gosling’s hottest pictures to behold—and believe us, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy!