Celebrate Brooklyn! Free Concerts


For those of you who search Craigslist for anything, I’m sure you’re aware of the, “Free Stuff” section. I’m sure you’re also very very aware that people give away really bizarre hand me downs. I’ve actually seen the following on the Craigslist giveaway table: 6 12-ounce jugs of orange juice; every issue of the New York since 1989; unworn baby shoes. Needless to say, giveaways can be hit or miss…

Celebrate Brooklyn! though has an amazing giveaway for all New Yorkers: free outdoor summer concerts featuring some of everyone’s favorite Indie acts! Running from June 8th – August 8th, the concert series features acts such as: Blonde Redhead, David Byrne, Crystal Stilts, Deer Tick, MGMT, Animal Collective and TV on the Radio. The concerts will be shown at parks and venues around Brooklyn and the full line up can be found here.

Although the concert is officially free, there is a suggested donation of three dollars at each show. I mean, you might as well donate as you just saved $3 off your electric bill by getting off Craigslist and out of the house.