Celeb-Inspired Workouts That Will Transform Your Body in No Time


There aren’t too many people in this world who enjoy waking up at the crack of dawn to get in a workout, especially in the dead of winter. And besides, the treadmill-elliptical-crunches routine gets old pretty fast.

Spice up your workout regimen this winter by taking a look at a few of our favorite celeb exercise videos. You’ll be in good company as you tone and sculpt — Kelly, Kim, Carmen, and company will help you get your best body yet — and from basic cardio to flirty striptease routines, you’ll have fun while you’re at it. So, load the DVD player (but ditch the popcorn!) and watch your waist shrink away.

1. Elle Make Better (pictured above)
Whether she’s frolicking on the beach for a Sports Illustrated shoot or posing in an ad campaign for Victoria’s Secret, it’s important for Brooklyn Decker to stay in shape. “Fitness is a huge part of my life, but just like everyone, I have areas I need to work on,” she tells Elle. To bring her body to the masses, Decker collaborated with the fashion mag to put together the Elle Make Better DVD workout collection, which combines fitness, beauty, and fashion in 25-minute segments. Lose inches from your waist with cardio, yoga, and and sculpting exercises.

2. Physique 57

A combination of pilates, ballet exercises, and calisthenics, Physique 57 is a tough sculpting regimen that tones and strengthens your legs, abs, and arms through a process called interval overload. “It’s transformed my body in ways I never thought possible…I’ve never been addicted to something like this,” says Kelly Ripa on Physique’s website. Physique offers three DVDs with workout plans designed to fit both your body makeover goals and your schedule: Classic 57 Minute Full Body, Express 30 Minute Full Body, and Arm and Ab Booster 30 Minute. It might be painful, but trust us, it’s worth it—just check out Kelly Ripa’s arms if you don’t believe us.

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3. Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom
If you’re a seasoned dancer who’s moved beyond the beginner basics, Julianne Hough of Dancing with the Stars fame has a challenge for you. This 55-minute workout is full of stretches and step-by-step lessons from Hough that will have you sweating and cha-cha-ing in no time. “You can do this with friends, and laugh at the same time,” Hough says in the DVD. “You can’t really laugh while lifting weights.” It’s a must for all DWTS fans.

4. Pussycat Dolls Workout
Need a workout that’s light and quick? Flaunt your rhythm to the fun and flirty moves of Pussycat Dolls‘ best performances in the Pussycat Dolls Workout. Warning: be prepared to get low. The hour-long DVD includes dances to “Don’t Cha,” “Buttons,” and an additional burlesque routine, all choreographed by the group’s creator, Robin Antin.

5. Fit in Your Jeans By Friday
Kim Kardashian has one of the best butts in Hollywood, and in Fit in Your Jeans By Friday, she shares her toning tips. “Im done with yoyo fitness,” she says on her website. “Getting to a point where fitness becomes part of your life isnt as hard as it seems, and the results are amazing! Finally I know what its like to be disciplined and feel good in what I wear 24/7.” Sculpt your glutes and abs with these fast-paced exercises in the three disc series that are sure to get your heart pumping.

6. Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease
Who says exercise has to be boring? Carmen Electra brings total body fitness to a much sexier level in her six-disc series. Combining hip-hop, striptease, and cardio, Electra will help you tighten and tone in the comfort of your own bedroom with these low-impact routines. Start with the basic routines first, and strip your way up to Advanced Aerobic Striptease and The Lap Dance and Hip Hop.

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