Celeb Gossip: News From All Over


Haven’t you, like, always wanted to dress like Jay-Z? Yeah…uh-huh…us, too. [CO ED Magazine]

Demi Moore looks better than any of you do, or ever will, at 47…or 18, for that matter. [x17online]

Taylor Lautner signing fan mom’s panties? Ew! [Daily Gab]

Fergie and hubby temporarily separated due to alleged stripper shenanigans. [The Blemish]

Australia surprised that Britney Spears lip-syncs…we thought it was a given? [WWTDD]

For all your celeb stalking needs… [Celeb Watchdog]

A-Rod has paintings of himself as a centaur? [The Superficial]

Beyonce kinda looks like her wax replica, no? [Red Carpet Cafe]

The Twilight chick gets naked for PETA…guess she’s pro werewolf.[Pop Eater]

Gaga is def not in for a sophomore slump…new track here! [Pop Bytes]

Nicole Richie is a teeeeny tiny mommy again. [Perez Hilton]

Justin Timberlake’s bringin’ court appearances back.[TMZ]

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