Celeb Gossip: News From All Over


Elle loves pop! Lady Gaga AND Britney grace the mag’s January covers. [PopBytes]

The best bikini bod of 2009–VOTE HERE! [CityRag]

It’s official–Sienna takes back her cheating ex Jude! We couldn’t be happier…[Daily Gab]

Adorable rocker couple Gavin and Gwen’s family night out with the kids. [Perez Hilton]

Tiger Woods caught! Audiotapes of a secret conversation with his mistress leak. [TMZ]

Aww..is JT embarassed over his new N’Sync-esque appearance? [x17online]

It’s not easy being SJP: How she balances work and motherhood. [PopEater]

Watch what you photograph, Josh Jackson–things always end up on the internet. [WWTDD]

Colin Farrell’s baby mama–in a bikini. [The Superficial]

Happy Birthday to Ms. Spears! Can you guess how old she is? [Red Carpet Cafe]

Alec Baldwin to quit acting over his failed career. Do you agree? [The Blemish]

Where Jason Segel and Hilary Duff are hanging out in Hollywood. [CelebWatchDog]