Catherine Malandrino Cancels September Fashion Week Show


Designer Catherine Malandrino cancelled her September Fashion Week show, stating that the brand is currently undergoing “a time of transition.” This frequently voiced explanation reminds us of a band just before it splits, stirring rumors of possible turmoil within the company.

Malandrino was expected to collaborate with clothing giant Kellwood this past spring, but no such deal ever came about. She went on to say “we’re refocusing and we’ll be back in February,” leading us to believe the designer has high hopes for the future of her line. Malandrino will not completely disappear from this September’s Fashion Week. The designer is set to stage a runway show on September 8th. The event, scheduled for the same day as Fashion’s Night Out, is sponsored by Clairol and Covergirl and will feature items currently available in stores. Hopefully Malandrino has a plan up her masterfully tailored sleeve. Pulling out of Fashion Week at the last minute makes us think otherwise.