Catherine Holstein


There’s no avoiding it.

The jumpsuit is here to stay, at least for another season. And no matter what version of it you’d like to wear next spring, up and coming Catherine Holstein has an option for you: how about a work-ready short-sleeved blouse in beige attached to dark, tailored slacks? Or maybe you’d prefer a coquettish navy tank billowing into short, full skorts. Would you like something more casual? What about a gauzy white embroidered polka dot dress-shirt connected to roomy pale pink shorts perfect for a Hamptons outing, or a black, loose top attached to roomy tapered pants for a more “fashion-forward office chic” look.

Vaguely nautical striped blue and white knit tops and colorful rectangular plastic plaques embellishing the waistline of trousers or on a mermaid skirt managed to be both mod and modern at the same time.  Holstein channeled various moods, from Great Gatsby (with ethereal, summery embroidered lace) to Katherine Hepburn (long-sleeve knits tucked into high-waisted pants) in this slightly disjointed but nevertheless enjoyable collection.

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