One More Reason Why Cate Blanchett Is Everything: Watch Her Call Out E! on Red-Carpet Sexism

Meghan Blalock

It’s no secret that we think Cate Blanchett is pretty much everything. And here’s something else that’s not-so-secret: red carpets, the surrounding media circus, and especially the fashion commentary—which we are profoundly aware we participate in on a very regular basis—are, by their very nature, relatively sexist affairs. (You don’t tend to see fashion commentators ranking Hollywood’s leading men based on which one looks best in a tux.) And nothing brings us more joy than seeing Queen Cate face that fact head-on.

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During Saturday night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet, Cate (in a Givenchy gown, not that it matters), called out E! for their “Glam Cam,” which—in the style of a male creeper watching you walk down the sidewalk from the shadows—scans female celebrities from their feet up to their heads.

Most likely, this is so viewers can get a full view of the designer dresses sauntering down the carpet, but nonetheless, as women we know there is something undoubtedly off-putting about being scanned from root to tip. Cate knows this as well as any woman, and she called E! out on it, asking “Do you do that to the guys?”

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Check out the epic GIF of Cate asking if the E! “Glam Cam” videographers do the same thing to dudes as they do to women. We pretty much guarantee it will improve your day.

cate blanchett sag awards One More Reason Why Cate Blanchett Is Everything: Watch Her Call Out E! on Red Carpet Sexism