Catch The Falling Whistles Tour To Support Peace In The Congo


We’re all about statement accessories at StyleCaster, but the statement accessory promoted by Falling Whistles is a far more powerful one than your average chunky chain necklace or over-sized cocktail ring. Through the sale of whistle necklaces and grassroots campaigns held across the country, the Falling Whistles organization has been working tirelessly to spread the word about the war in Congo, where children are placed at the front lines of battle armed only with whistles around their necks, leaving them two options to feign death or make it their reality.

“The congo is the deadliest war in the world 6.9 million people have died, so it’s larger than the Holocaust,” said Falling Whistles founder Sean Carasso. “1,500 per day are dying and thats about 1,200 women being raped per month.”

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As we speak, the Falling Whistles team (pictured above with “Harvey the RV,” the group’s tour bus of sorts) is mid-way through a nation-wide tour where they’ve been “traveling from sea to shining sea to build a nationwide coalition for peace in Congo,” explains Sean. The tour kicked off in Seattle in early September, and has made its way across the West Coast, the South and even up to Toronto. Currently they’re spreading the word of peace to the city of Washington D.C.

Falling Whistles will be holding retail events and parties in many more cities in the upcoming weeks with all proceeds going towards the cause. So check out their full tour schedule to find out if they’ll be hitting up a city near you next! And even if you find yourself out of luck, you can support the cause by buying a whistle on now.

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All photos by Joey D’Arco for StyleCaster