Want: Catbird’s Pierce-Free Ear Cuff

Blair Pfander

catbirdcuffthumb1 Want: Catbirds Pierce Free Ear Cuff

What: A 14 karat gold ear cuff that slips over the narrowest part of your ear—new piercing not required.

Why: Lately, with models like Abbey Lee Kershaw rocking multiple gold cartilage piercings, we’ve had an adolescent impulse to poke new holes in our ears. This gold cuff satisfies the new-piercing craving without requiring actual body modification. Plus, it’s kind of a ’90s throwback—what’s not to love?

How: The Catbird website recommends leaving the ear cuff on “for, like, ever,” and we can’t help but agree: We love the look with a few mis-matched studs in the lower lobes, or a single shiny diamond if you have a (real) cartilage piercing.

14-Karat Yellow Gold Ear Cuff; $78 at Catbird.