Want: A Set Of Handmade Skinny Alphabet Rings From Catbird

Meghan Blalock

catbird rings Want: A Set Of Handmade Skinny Alphabet Rings From Catbird

What: A set of dainty rings with completely customizable letters of the alphabet, all handmade in Brooklyn in gold or silver.

Why: Skinny¬†stackable rings have been bordering on ubiquitous for some time now, but there’s something charming and timeless about wearing them with meaningful letters of the alphabet.

How: Try stacking a couple rings per finger, or spreading them across multiple fingers on one hand to spell out something cool. We also like the idea of ordering a couple in a smaller size to wear as midi-rings, another trend that’s seen plenty of play lately, but one we’re still totally into!

Alphabet Rings, $96 each; Catbird NYC

Photo via Rosy Cheeks