The Cat Fashion Just Keeps On Coming: Love It Or Hate It?

The Cat Fashion Just Keeps On Coming: Love It Or Hate It?
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You know what they say in the fashion world: three’s a trend. So, if we’re talking about the prevalence of all-things-feline for Fall 2011, cats are already a trend three times over, which means they’ll probably be inescapable come September. As if having bigwigs like Riccardo Tisci and Karl Lagerfeld incorporating the animal into their fall ad campaigns wasn’t enough, our furry friends have become an editorial mainstay, and their ears have inspired a whole new style of headgear.

Hot on the heels (paws?) of Anna Sui’s Fall 2011 cat hats, Maison Michel Paris’ fall lookbook features Sasha Pivovarova wearing a sequined cap with perked-up cat ears and a pretty bow. In kittens-as-models news, the latest issue of Marie Claire China features a dreamy editorial starring some dramatic evening wear alongside the cutest little white fluffballs you’ve ever seen.

Look, I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of felines (I’m allergic), but chances are I will splurge on a sweater or t-shirt bearing their likeness next season, la Givenchy. But cat-eared hats? That’s where I draw the line.

Where do you stand on this rapidly growing trend?