Casertano Designs For The Come-Hither Studious Type

Casertano Designs For The Come-Hither Studious Type
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At his Spring/Summer 2011 presentation, the young designer Alex Casertano knew exactly the girl who would wear his American Sportswear collection. “Someone who is a little bit bookish and a little bit cerebral but at the same time daring and wants to be a little more sexy,” he explained. “But wants clothing to speak to her in a way that is not just indicative about how she thinks about clothing, but maybe about the world,” the designer continued.

Held at the Benrimon Contemporary gallery space, guests were treated to Caroline Polachek of Chairlift selecting the music. Standout pieces included a raw silk raffia and viscose twill motorcycle jacket and an elegant, silk tiered ivory gown.

As Casertano continued, “To me clothing is an autonomous idea about material and how things come together. I want a girl to say, ‘Oh that looks like a painting I love,’ or to be evocative of something that means more to me than just style.”

A smart and beautiful collection, it was certainly refreshing to me to see how the modern girl’s wardrobe could wise up without losing its imagination.

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