In Case You Missed It: StyleCaster Editors On Our (Own!) Top Stories of 2012

Spencer Cain

 In Case You Missed It: StyleCaster Editors On Our (Own!) Top Stories of 2012

What better way to close out 2012 than with our favorite stories—curated by our editors? It was a major year over here at StyleCaster News, and we decided it would be great to commemorate it by revisiting our best stories and telling you why we loved them so much. Read on for our favorites of 2012!

Perrie Samotin, Senior Editor

1. Your Ultimate Guide To 50 Street Style All-Stars You Need To Know Now “This was my favorite story to put together this year. Apart from gleaning some serious fashion inspo, I feel like it really is a comprehensive guide to the street style phenomenon’s biggest players–from established personalities to faces you’ve probably seen but can’t quite place. Plus, I learned some pretty interesting stuff about each denizen while researching.”

2. Elle’s Beloved Style Director, Kate Lanphear, is Leaving; We Predict Three Places She Might Land “It was big news when Lanphear announced she was leaving Elle, and I think our predictions are extremely smart and sensible. Who knows, we still might be correct: Kate hasn’t announced what her next move will be.”

3. New Study Finds Clothes You’re Buying Contain Toxic Chemicals; Here’s What You Can Do About It “We had to address to this eye-opening issue, and I loved that we included some tactical tips on what we all can do to combat it.”

4. Anatomy of a Fad: How Kenzo’s Tiger Sweater Sold Out in Two Days “A fabulously informative and timely story by our Editor-in-Chief, Laurel Pinson, who met Opening Ceremony founders and Kenzo Creative Directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim at a luncheon and got the entire scoop on the sweatshirt seen on pretty much everyone this year.”

5. Winter Chic: 40 Stellar Street Style Outfits To Copy Right Now “I’m constantly looking to Pinterest and various style blogs for inspiration while getting dressed, and here we culled 40 seasonal outfits that arent only fabulously chic, but so, so easy to copy.”

Spencer Cain, Celebrity Editor

6. From Alexa Chung to Lady Gaga: Your Complete Guide to Every “Gossip Girl” Celebrity Cameo “Everyone from Rachel Zoe to Lena Dunham’s mom made a cameo on ‘Gossip Girl,’ so with the series ending a few weeks ago, we decided to round up every single one. Truly a labor of love to commemorate a classic New York show.”

7. Will Alexander Wang’s Relationship With Liberty Ross Affect Kristen Stewart’s Role at Balenciaga? “With Alexander Wang taking the helm at Balenciaga, we had to wonder: Would this affect spokesperson Kristen Stewart’s role at the brand thanks to his relationship with Liberty Ross, the wife of the man K-Stew had an affair with? Tons of people commented, with some people agreeing, and others thinking we were nuts. That’s what it’s all about!”

8. Exclusive: Kristen Stewart’s Stylist Dishes on the “Twilight” Star’s Most Iconic Looks, Fashion Evolution, More “No matter how you feel about Kristen Stewart, it’s impossible to deny that she had a major year on the red carpet. We decided to consult the source (her stylist, Tara Swennen) who let us in on some inside scoop!”

9. Wedding in Color: Amber Tamblyn, Gwen Stefani Among Celebs Who Ditched the White Dress “Given the slew of colored wedding dresses we saw on celebrities this year, we couldn’t resist recapping our favorites.”

10: Exclusive: Nina Dobrev Walks Us Through Her Favorite Red Carpet Looks “The super-chic Nina Dobrev took time out of starring on CW’s hit ‘The Vampire Diaries’ to walk through her most major looks with us. Definitely my favorite feature to date.”

Liz Doupnik, Fashion Editor

11. Exclusive: Street Style Star Hanneli Mustaparta Takes Manhattan “The budding style icon shared with us what it’s like to be a leading style blogger today , and this was great because we got to leave it to Hanelli to style and play with pieces courtesy of Calvin Klein.”

12. Hot Child in the City: Byrdie Bell’s Summertime Must-Haves “Socialite and style setter Byrdie Bell showed us her top summer looks—what an inspiration! It’s mind blowing how this young up-and-coming actress can manage all of her new projects.”

13. Spring 2013 Trend Guide “Following New York Fashion Week, this was a comprehensive guide on what to start buying now to be in style this spring!”

14. Spring Awakening: Electrifying Prints to Jump-Start Your Wardrobe “What fun it was to mix-and-match bold patterns courtesy of Nicole Miller’s spring collection!”

15. Watch: Zac Posen on “Return of Elegance” for Spring “It was great to speak with this young yet influential designer on his powerfully chic collection (that even boasted a bitch-slap heard around fashion week). Can’t wait to see him on ‘Project Runway’!”