Carven Resort ’12: So Cute You May Not Make it Till December

Kerry Pieri
Carven Resort ’12: So Cute You May Not Make it Till December
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There’s just something so inviting about dressing like a lady – especially a Parisian lady in bow shoes.

Carven debuted its first pre-season collection during Couture week and it’s completely charming, with just enough whimsy, but not too much to make it twee. Do you follow? In other words, designer Guillaume Henry was once again inspired by travel and, in particular, travel to that impetus of all things neutral and clog-like, Switzerland.

That inspiration found its way into the pieces with subtlety via map prints and post card collages, but the overall look was signature to the label with cropped jackets, bow details, short suits, shirt dresses, middie skirts and collared shirts under pinafores in refreshing blues and lemon yellows mixed with tan neutrals and black. Somehow it all manages to look utterly modern and, in a word, exactly what we want to be wearing.

The collection will hit stores in December 2011, try not to hold your breath until then.

All photos: Jean-Etienne Portail, courtesy of Carven